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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Change For Cano

Robinson Cano has made a decision this week that has the whole Yankee nation talking. Robinson Cano has decided to change his number from 22 to 24, sparking rumours that Roger Clemens is on his way back to New York. Clemens used to wear the number 22 for the Yankees, up untill his 'retirement' in 2003.

However the Yankee organization did not ask Cano to give up the number, it was a decision made by Cano for serveral reasons:

1) He would love Clemens to be a Yankee, and he woud love to be a team mate. So if Clemens decideds to come back to the Bronx his jersey will be there.

2) Robinson Cano was named after Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinsons jersey (Number 42) was retired by MLB so Cano was unable to take that number on coming to the Yankees. Now he is taking 24 a reverse of Robinson's number to pay tribute.

Who knows what meaning is behind this? if any?


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