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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Lack Of Faith!

So the Yankees have been on a bit of a slide, every team will go through one of these during the course of a 162 game season, and i would much rather it come in May than in September. Losing to the Mets was no embarrasment, they are hitting the ball very well laterly and Glavine/Martinez are 2 pitchers that are deffinaterly feeling there stuff at the moment, and then losing to Boston last night was hard to take but things might be on the turn....

Gary Sheffield started a rehab assigment on Monday and straight after the game he announced himself fit and he was heading to Boston, so we could see him in the lineup to wace Wakefield and the Sox tonight, one thing is for sure the outfield of Long, Williams and Cabrera is a far cry from the opening day outfield trio of Matsui, Damon and Sheffield.

Its a strange feeling to sit down and watch the Yankees without expecting them to win, as that is what im doing at the moment, i hope that they can win but i dont expect them to, and it says something when you have more faith in your Number 5 starter over your supposed Ace, the fact that Randy Johnson has looked poor in more outings than i can remember does nothing to raise the confidence of a depleted line-up.

Anyway with Sheff back that should raise the moral around the club house, lets hope so anyway as surely George is not to happy with what he is seeing right now....


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