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Friday, January 19, 2007

CF? Anybody? No?

So the big question this week as the Cubs go on caravan tour answearing questions about the Cubs in 07 is: Who will be roaming CF on opening day for the Cubs? When Lou was asked could be give a answear? the answear is no. Simply because nobody knows who will be roaming the open gap. Checking the roster on Cubs.com if you revert your eyes to CF a nice patch of green will meet them, no player names at all. So who are the contenders for the CF space?

Soriano: A Very very very long shot, its so unlikerly that Soriano will be the starting CF come opening day as i write this i wonder why bother adding his name to the list!

Jones: Jones has been looking for a trade and the Cubs have been looking into granting him just that. If he stays then he might just be the starting CF. I think he is one of the front runners for the Job at this moment in time, although i think and hope he will be traded in the near future.

Pie: The minor league prospect has been penciled in as the most likely to take the field on opening day, he is a bit anxious at the plate for a starter in the bigs, and he often swings at pitches that he really shouldnt be doing as a minor leaguer let alone a starter. Saying that, he is young and he has a lot of ability, he has a above average defense, and with some tips from the hitting coach he could well be the man. I dont think he will be a starter come opening day, but when it comes to the last game of the season i expect to see him in CF. His speed is also another thing going for him, last year he swiped 32 bases. He is a winner, 3 of the teams he has been on has won championships, and if his team is winning then Pie is happy even if he mayby is not doing to well at the plate himself.

Church: How can someone who is not even a Cub be a contender? well really in all reality he isnt, the Cubs have been linked through rumours, but we are yet to hear (and i dont expect to) anything on this trade. If we were to get him i would love to see him out there on opening day.

So there are the contenders, if you are asking me now who i think it will be, my answear will be PIE. Mayby Hack Wilson can get his Cleets on again? hey :)


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