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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Making a Return

Howdy Folks

In between starting Uni and following my Jets to the play-offs i lost track of keeping this up to date.

After a long long absence i have decided to resurect my blog that i love so dear with a few new things, Lately i have developed a facination with the Cubs, even tho i have liked the Cubs since i have started watching baseball i never really considered myself a 'fan' in the typical sense of the word, well now thinking about it i have decided to dedicate some time to talking about the Cubs. Of course this blog is still dedicated to the Yankees, it will also have Cubs news and also mayby a Jet article spalshed in here and there. Being 2007 i wont concentrate on the horror showing in the play-offs, this is a new year and its time to look ahead to the future not back to the past.

So what to say about how the Yankees are forming in 07, all i can say is im happy on deals that have been done and ones that we passed on I.E ZITO (Crazy Money).
First i will say welcome back to Andy Pettite, back to where he belongs, since his absense the yankees have been absent from the World Series so im hoping Andy can help us get back to where we belong.
Another good thing about this Pettite trade is the fact that it enhances our chances of bringing back another Yankee legend in Roger Clemens, give him the money for a year and get him in spring training.

Kei Igawa, i really like this deal, hsi control and his command are going to be major factors in surviving in the unfriendly pitcher surroundings of the AL East, he has some good stuff, his fast ball and his curve aswell as a good change up, not many people are expecting him to do much but i expect a lot for the lad.

I think we still need to get some help in the Bullpen but talks of a trade with the Pirates for Gonzalez seems to have some to a stand still, and with Randy looking like he will be headig to Arizona it doesnt look like Linebrink will be wearing Yankee pinstripes next season. Also the 1st base position is a problem at the moment, Doug Mientkiewich is a possibility.

I like what Brian Cashman is doing with the Yankees, the fact that he is stocking the farm system (And a new sight to see was the Yankees farm system rated 6th in baseball almanac) Humberto Sanchez among ohers for the exspendable Sheffield was a genious move in my opinion and signing Juan Miranda was a clever thing to do.

But anyway untill randy is traded and there is something in Yankee land to talk about i bid you farewell.


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