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Monday, March 13, 2006


Ok so this may not be directly related to the Yankees but it is related to baseball and as the Yankees got me into Baseball i think that it is worth a mention on here.

Laterly i have come to think of the similarities between Baseball and life and the metaphors u can use involving Baseball to describe your life situation.

Everyone can spot the obvious ones, the fact that everyone can get into a slump, everyone can come to a point where no matter what they do they just cant get bat on ball, they just cant do anything right, but most people are clever enough to note that a slump has to end sometime, being achieved in many different ways, a revaluation of ur life situation or a look at your batting style,position, footing etc. Similary u can be on the top of the world on MVP form, everything that u do hite the meat of the bat and go's flying, outfielders drop fly balls or miss the cut off men which allows u to carry on your streak, everyone needs a bit of luck to be sucessfull.

But why stop there, why not talk about steals?? the fact that u have taken one base but u want more, u have to take a chance in baseball and in life, its a risk, sometimes u will get thrown out ut sometimes it will pay off, u will go for it and u will take an extra bag, improving ur chances in life for yourself and other people, similarily u can sacrfifice yourself for the team, but taken from one of my fave films "The Fan" a sacrifice in Baseball is a lot better than a sacrifice in Life as in Baseball u can give urself up for the sake of someone else and it wont count agaisnt your average.

How many more similarities are there between Baseball and Life??

Saturday, March 11, 2006

How Much Can We Take??

With the Yankees record at 5-5 this spring training which is impressive when we were 0-4, i found myself asking just how much can we take from these games? the line up shows no relevance to what it will be come opening day, it is a good indicator to the future talent we could be seeing in pinstripes in a few years, but when i think spring training, pre season i want to see a preperation of what is to come.

It is not possible to look at the Yankee's chances this coming season when u just look at there spring training games, although i do think that seeing the Pitchers will give us good indication what path they are on from injury, players like Pavano and Wright and then players trying to prove that last season was the start of a very successfull Bronx career in wright and Chacon.

I Am undecied how much spring training is working towards giving us a indication of how the season will go, but with players away on "International Duty" i guess we wont find that out untill opening day, although at least it is giving some of the younger players a chance o shine in front of management but with the Triplets away with the USA team it is giving them game match fitness.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

No Spring to the Step

With 2 games gone in spring training and the Yankees record at 0-2 you start to think if the spring in the step that was enthrusted onto the Yankees spring Camp at Legends Field Florida by The Owners predictions of this year being the Year that the Yankees brought the World Series back to the Bronx has ran out, but is there any grumblings from the Yankee faithfull i think not, and why? because spring training is not about the results its about certain players progression, some coming back from injury some from dissapointing season and some just from a slow Winter.

I have seen many positives come out of the Yankee Spring games and i hope to see many more with the younger players who are pushing there way through the Minor league system being given a chance to shine now that some of the Yankees more established players have flown off to represent there country in the world baseball classic which is well under way now with the Pool A matches nearly complete and 2 teams (Japan&Korea) already guranteed to be taking part in the Secound Round.

But before Damon left for camp USA we saw a glimpse of what we can expect from the former Boston leadoff man throughout the season, with his oen and only appearance as a Yankee agaisnt Philli on Thursday turning into a 2-3 batting show to remember, Chacon throwing 2 scoreless innings and Jaret wright back on the mound to allow just 1 run on 4 hits in 2 innings of work, Cabrera and Phillips also having a promising Spring to make the Yankees look Bright.

The results might not be coming through but the performance's from highlighted players are, at the end of the day its the WS that the Yankees want not a Winning record in Spring Training.