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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Future Is Here

The Futer of the New York Yankees could well be already donning the famous Pin Stripes as Robinson Cano last year showed why he had the potential to make it in the big leagues and come runners up in the American League Rookie of the Year. Was it a surprise that this Talented Dominican Republic player came into the Majors last year? if u look at his career stats then i propose that it wasnt. Son on Jose Cano who was signed by the Yankees in 1980 but didnt make is debut untill 1989 with the Astors Robbinson has been in the Yankee farm system since 2001 slowly progressing to be one of the best prospects the Yankees have.

In 2001 in short A ball Cano batted .230 in about 40 games, this being his first season a .230 avergae is not bad, then in future years he raised this always improving on his average from batting .276 in single A ball in 2002 to batting .280 in single and double A ball in 2003 and then moving from AA to AAA ball in 2004 finally coming out batting a combined .285 including 29 doubles 10 Triples 13 Home runs and 74 RBI's in 135 games, a very impressive looking stat card if u are trying to catch the attention of the Major League Yankees.

Then in 2005 after a poor start by the Yankees Cano's chance to shine, after Womack was moved from 2nd Base, Cano came in agaisnt Tampa Bay and made it his own, having one of the most impressive seasons of any rookie, only narrowly missing out on the American League Rookie of the year, although through the season he was named American League's co-Player of the Week for the week ending 9/18 after batting .429 (12-for-28) and AL Rookie of the Month for September, batting .381 (40-for-105) . His end of season.335 Road BA was the 3rd hisghest recorde of a rookie since 1969 the other 2 being Suzuki and Bailor, and his .297 BA led the American League rookies, a progression in performance through the year has all Yankee fans watering at the mouth to see what kind of year the Super Star kid will have this comign season.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

WBC, Help or Hinder?

So with the baseball classic just over a week away i find myself asking the question will it help or will it hinder the Yankee players, would they be better staying at spring training and doing the usual work out with the team and the spring training games?

My innitial feeling is to agree with Damon when he said that it would just be like playing spring training games although these would mean something so it would prepare him better for the season ahead, and i would generally agree with this, i always question how usefull spring training games are in preparing players as if u look at the Yankees start last season it woudlnt look like the players were prepared, so in general i agree with the participation of the Yankee players who decided to take part


I agree with players like Matsui and Cano and Rivera opting out of the event, why? well Cano because just how much playing time would he of got for the Dominican a team full of stars? i dont think a lot, and if u are going to go into a season as a starting 2B it would benefit u to be working out at legends field rather than warming the Bench for the Dominican. Matsui simply for him having to travel to Tokyo for the games, only being at spring training for jsut over a week and Rivera because it is well known that Rivera takes a bit of time to get into the swing of things and i dont think it will benefit him to have to leave training so go and play a inning or 2.

So i think that for some players the W.B.C will be a Help and for others (who cleverly opted out) it would hindered them more.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Right or Wrong?

Ozzie Guillen Manager of the 2005 World Series winning White Sox recently took a shot at New york Yankees 3rd Baseman and American league MVP of 2005 Alex Rogriguez by slamming him for wavering between playing for the Usa or the Dominican Republic. A-Rod did not respond to Guillens comments but both Yankee Owner and Yankee Manager gave backing to A-Rod, who will be coming into Spring training with verbal attacks agaisnt him for the secound year running after several Red Sox players took shots at him last year. Was Ozzie Guillen right in what he said? is it his place to question Alex's decisions? one thing i will say in defense of Guillen is he did later come out and apologise for what he said and admitted he said the wrong things!!!

Edit: I jsut read that A-Rod has accepted the Apology of Guillen and said that it is the end of it and Guillen has stated his appreciation that A-Rod took his apology and made no more of it. Alex said that he it was a hard decision to choose between the 2 country's but is proud to be playing for Team U.S.A and will play hard for the cause of the team.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Johnny Good Start

So was i the only one that was impressed with Damon showing up to camp very early, showing up on Saturday instead of Tuesday when all other outfield players are due to report. But the fact that he came in earlier introduced himself to his new teamates and get accustomed to how the yankees work. Damon who spent most of the day in the weight room and Batting Cage said he reported earlier to get to know people as he would be spending a lot of time with them, and for me that shows real commitment to the team and to bring a World Series back to the Bronx, cos god knows its about time we brought another one back.

The Question still remains what kind of impact damon will have on the yankees, with A-Rod, Giambi,Johnson all having trouble adapt to the Yankees in there first year it is unclear as to whether Damon will follow suit and have a below par first season, we all know he has some might big boots to fill, mayby boots destined for Monument park to join legeneds such as Mantle, Ruth and Gehrig. Only time will show us how this will go, but i for one say that its a johnny good start!!

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